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How blogging once a month increased revenue by 186%


The brief

Gaia Flowers is a Las Vegas florist with a sustainable, eco-friendly ethos. Owned and run by Peter Frigeri, the physical store in Vegas’ Arts District is well established. Peter wanted to grow the brand’s online presence to support the store. To do this he engaged SEO and digital marketing strategist, Barb Davids (Compass Digital Strategies).

Improving the blog was part of the refreshed marketing plan. As a blog copywriter I pitched, researched and wrote one optimised post per month, for six months. The aim of the content was to attract new customers, transforming the blog into a profitable part of the digital marketing plan. Success was measured by the number of sales, sign ups or downloads (depending on the call to action), as well as search visibility and site traffic results.

What we did

Barb gave me the search terms she wanted each article to rank for and I wrote the content. Most of the articles answered popular questions typed into Google by the business’ target audience.  

The challenge I faced as copywriter, was creating content that would outperform competitor pages. Achieving this meant researching existing, high-ranking content and then structuring our copy in a way that was different to the competitors.

The results

Comparing year on year results from April 2020 to April 2021, publishing high-quality blogs on a regular basis achieved:

  • 796% increase in organic traffic
  • 186% increase in revenue
  • 145% increase in transactions

The success of this project was a collaboration between myself and Compass Digital Strategies.

Since beginning to work with Rose the traffic to our website has gone up past our goals.

She is professional and knowledgeable. Nothing has stumped her. Her communication is very precise. The detailed research that goes into every one of the blogs really shows. The copy she sends us clean and ready to post.

Rose has been a true game-changer for our company.

Peter Frigeri

President, Gaia Flowers

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