Optimised blog for online sex shop

How one optimised blog generated an extra 10 thousand impressions and 8.3% CTR



The brief

Online adult retail is a competitive space. Even for a niche business, such as my client, that focuses on selling specialised, fetish items. My client approached me because they felt they had reached a point where they needed their blog to work harder. They wanted to: 

  • lower the bounce rate (it had been neglected)
  • keep the interest of their very loyal customer base and deliver content that supported their buying journey/shopping experience
  • build their reputation as a trusted authority in their niche.

Despite having a lot of blog content on the site already it was, by the client’s admission, not great quality. And hadn’t been optimised for search. As a result, the blog was doing very little to aide their marketing efforts. Having a blog that does sweet FA to attract and convert some of the lovely, free organic traffic that Google wants to send your way is as useful as an inflatable dart board.


What we did

As this was the first time we had worked together, the client decided to book my Tasting Paddle service. At the time of their booking, the Tasting Paddle could be used to get a 300-400 word optimised article.

By using this service, they could test to see how effective a well-written and researched article could be when it comes to attracting organic traffic to their site.

To make sure they got an article that would be useful to them, I pitched three ideas. They completed the keyword research and went with the idea that they believed would drive the most traffic to their site and still be relevant to their niche products.

I then researched the topic, wrote the article, worked through one round of amends/client feedback and it was ready to go.

The results

Checking in with the client a month after the article had been published, they informed me that “the article is performing very well and has already seen significant search traffic.” In the first 30 days, the piece achieved:

  • 10.7k impressions
  • an average ranking position of 6.2
  • 890 total clicks, resulting in an 8.3% CTR.

Despite only being live for a short time it was proving it’s power, steaming in as the blog with the third most organic impressions on their site. Not bad for a first attempt that was up against articles that had been there for years and are considerably longer. (Longer content always performs better.)


Thanks to the success of this article, the client has booked me for ongoing blog work.

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